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25 Years of Excellence in Alternative Medicine




  • Achieve the highest standards of professionalism through ethical behavior, collaboration, constant knowledge up gradation and respect for all- customers, members, the fraternity,vendors,employees and the public at large;

  • Pursue excellence from initial concept to finished formulations and in every phase of product development;

  • Search for new ways to expand Medisiddh's expertise and improve the products.

  • Learn from history, take responsibility for the future and promote the unique nature of alternative medicine;

  • Listen to customers' requests, understand their expectations, meet their needs and respect their concerns;

  • Work as a team and partner with everyone to benefit all the patients, their families and the community;

  • Value and respect the dignity of all employees, respect their uniqueness and diversity and help everyone work and deliver their full potential;

  • Work in an inclusive environment that embraces change and welcomes new ideas;


Adhering to the strictest standards of safety is a core business value.
Medisiddh works towards:

  • Provision and maintenance of a safe facility and systems to ensure safe use of articles and substances at work.

  • Training and information dissemination to all employees for a safer work environment.

  • Compliance with all laws, procedures and regulatory requirements.