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About Aswatone

Medicine for General weakness




200gm plastic containers

Route of Administration




When nutritious food, adequate amount of green vegetables, milk and other substituting substances are not regularly eaten generation of resistance, synthesis of blood corpuscles and platelets will be diminished. Once the body gets weakened the mental caliber also deteriorates.

Aswastone is a cherished natural drink compensation all conceivable loss of immune power. The ingredients are time honored for their immunogenic capacity. Aswatone increases appetite corrects stomach problems, confers basic vitamins improves the level of Haemoglobin and muscle power. It checks susceptibility to on and off injections. It is a safe, long acting tonic, through nutrition to brain cell metabolism.

Toner of body and tuner of mind


Withania somnifera

8 %

Asaragus racemosus

8 %

Solanum nigrum

4 %

Emblica officinalis

8 %

Centella asiatica

8 %


4 %



Color and flavor



10-15 ml (two or three times) or as directed by the Physician. Leafy vegetables and fiber-rich vegetable diet is advised. Oily food and tamarind based food should be completely avoided.

Pediatric Use

Not for infants and children 

Geriatric Use

As directed by the Physician

Diabetics / pregnant women and nursing mothers/cancer patients

Should use it strictly as directed by the physician

Patients receiving complementary or alternative medicine

Aswatone powder is compatible with other forms of treatment and has registered no adverse side effects.

The powder can be administered according to doctor’s prescription only.

Store the medicine in a cool dry place. Protect from light and excessive heat.

Keep out of reach of children.

The patient is advised to avoid any food that aggravates allergy like yoghurt, butter, milk, bananas, guavas, and fried foods.

Light food should be taken at night and all sour substances should be almost banned.

Smoking is contraindicated and consumption of liquor should be reduced to the minimum.

Excessive physical exercise and exposure to cold and damp should be avoided.

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