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About Memrich

Medicine for Memory & Concentration




200 ml in pet bottles

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Memrich Syrup is prescribed for dementia, weakness of memory and lack of concentration. The syrup aids mental power and is a safe and effective way to strengthen the mind. The ingredients-Celastrus paniculatus and Centella asiatica acts on immune systems and pave the way for more nutrition to brain cell metabolism and increases brain growth. It also contains alkaloids like withanin, centellin, asiaticin and more sesquiterpenes which enhances the brain functions.


Clitoria ternatea

500 mg

Celastrus paniculatus

500 mg

Elettaria cardamomum

500 mg

Centelia asiatica

500 mg

Withania somnifera

500 mg

Syrup base


Active Ingredients

Centella asiatica


Neuroprotective, Antioxidant

Celastrus paniculatus


Nervine tonic


10-15 ml (two or three times) or as directed by the Physician.

Pediatric Use

Not for infants and children.

Geriatric Use

As directed by the Physician

Diabetics / pregnant women and nursing mothers/cancer patients

Should use it strictly as directed by the physician

Patients receiving complementary or alternative medicine

Memrich syrup is compatible with other forms of treatment and has registered no adverse side effects.

The Syrup can be administered according to doctor’s prescription only.

Store the medicine in a cool dry place.

Protect from light and excessive heat.

Keep out of reach of children.

Smoking is contraindicated and consumption of liquor should be reduced to the minimum. Excessive physical exercise and exposure to cold and damp should be avoided.

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