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About Migrisol

Medicine for Migraine




500mg Capsules in plastic container packs of 15/30/60/100 nos

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Migrane is invariably a physical outcome of psychic shift mainly in anxiety & stress. Excessive bodily activity cause heavy pressure on systems leading to stress on optic and trigeminal nerves resulting in nausea or vomiting and excruciating unilateral head ache.

Migrisol liberates physical & mental stress. Vomiting & intractable head ache are alleviated. Nutritional anemia is corrected. Vasodilatation calcium, phosphorous and trace elements which play an important role in relieving migraine are supplemented by migrisol.

Mighty solution to a malevolent disease - migraine


Chrysanthemum coronarium

100 mg

Three pungents

100 mg

Three myrobalans

100 mg

Gowri chinthamani chenduram

50 mg

Ayakantha chenduram

50 mg

Sivanar Amirtham

50 mg

Peranada parpam

50 mg


Active Ingredients

Chrysanthemum coronarium



Three pungents




Taken orally and patients can have 2-3 capsules a day. Leafy vegetables and fiber-rich vegetable diet is advised. Fatty & Oily food and tamarind based food and exposure to sunlight should be completely avoided.

Pediatric Use

Not for infants and children

Geriatric Use

As directed by the Physician

Diabetics / pregnant women and nursing mothers / cancer patients

Should use it strictly as directed by the physician

Patients receiving complementary or alternative medicine

Migrisol is compatible with other forms of treatment and has registered no adverse side effects.

Initial Dosage

2 or 3 capsules a day / 1-0-1 as directed by the physician after food and never on an empty stomach.

It is also the recommended starting dosage.

Maintenance Dosage

2 capsules twice a day

Maximum Dosage

2 capsules twice a day

The capsule can be administered according to doctor’s prescription only.

Store medicine in a cool dry place. Protect from light and excessive heat. Keep out of reach of children.

The patient is advised to follow the doctor’s diet instructions.

Smoking is contraindicated and consumption of liquor should be reduced to the minimum.

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